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102nd Annual WPhA/WySHP Annual Convention - June 28-30

The annual summer convention is approaching quickly!  We are making some big changes to our convention format.  The convention will begin on Friday evening with a welcome reception for participants and time with our vendors.  Saturday will be a very busy day with continuing education, business meeting, and the awards ceremony followed by the student auction.  Sunday will have a business meeting and installation of new officers, with a morning of CE to follow.  The convention will wrap-up at Noon on Sunday the 30th.

Possibilities for a Friday CE opportunity are being explored.  The golf tournament and/or other outing will also be done again this year.

To register, click on the "102nd WHpA/WySHP Annual Convention" at the right of this page!

2019 Wyoming Legislature Completed

The 65th Wyoming Legislature finished in late February and the following bills impacting pharmacy were passed and signed by Governor Gordan.

HB 63 -  PBM "Gag Order" Removal -  This bill would make it illegal for a PBM to punish a pharmacy that actively discusses cost-sharing aspects with patients when filling a prescription.  The bill states that pharmacists can talk about alternatives with the patient, including the price of the medication without using any third party.  A similar bill was passed federally in October of 2018, but the stakeholders felt it was important to have it in state statute as well.

Opioid Drug Task Force Bills - Since that last legislative session in 2018, a task force was formed to look into the opiate drug issues that are occurring in our state.  Our current President, Melinda Carroll was a member of the task force, along with a number of other people from different areas; legislators, governor office representatives, pharmacists, physicians, and law enforcement to name a few.  The members of the task force met numerous times and their work produced 3 bills that are in the 2019 legislature.

SF 45 -  This bill just cleans up some language involving the emergency administration of naloxone bill that was passed in 2017.

SF 46 -  This bill involves opioid prescription limits.  This bill sets a limit on the maximum day supply for any opioid drug prescription written for acute pain or an opiate naïve patient.

SF 47 -  This bill requires professions that can prescribe and dispense opioids to have a minimum number of continuing education hours relating to opioid drug use.

Pharmacist's can Dispense Naloxone -- Make sure you're following the rules.

As of July 1st, 2017, licensed Wyoming pharmacists may begin prescribing naloxone pursuant to the Emergency Administration of Opiate Antagonist Act.  Here is a brief summary of the important aspects of the rules but it is highly recommended that you read the rules in their entirety on the Wyoming Board of Pharmacy website prior to prescribing.

--  Pharmacists may prescribe any dosage form of naloxone without a prescriber-patient relationship to the following patient groups:
         --  Patients who are at risk for an opiate related overdose
         --  A person in a position to assist someone who is at risk of an opiate related drug overdose (i.e. family member)
         --  A person who, in the course of their job, may encounter a person experiencing an opiate related drug overdose
--  Pharmacists must provide appropriate counseling when they prescribe naloxone, including:
         --  How to prevent, recognize, and respond to an overdose
         --  How to administer naloxone in the event of an overdose
         --  Naloxone is an opioid antagonist that reverses effects in 2 - 3 minutes and may only last 30 minutes
         --  Naloxone is not abusable and is not a controlled substance.
         --  Opioid-dependent patients will be sent into withdrawal
         --  If naloxone is administered, additional medical help must be called ASAP
--  Pharmacists must complete a minimum of one hour continuing education specific to naloxone prior to prescribing
--  A prescription hardcopy is required when a pharmacist prescribes naloxone, with the pharmacist as prescriber.
--  Prescriptions for naloxone should be reported to the PDMP in the process used for controlled substances.
--  Pharmacists are not required to report naloxone prescriptions to the patient's primary care provider.

Be on the lookout for naloxone education courses in your area!


 Executive Director Bio and Vision

A new Executive Director for WPhA has been hired.  Craig Frederick, PharmD, has been chosen to replace Kara Beech who served the Association for nearly 10 years.  Craig is the owner and pharmacist-in-charge of Register Cliff Pharmacy in Guernsey, Wyoming.  Dr. Frederick has practiced in Wyoming since graduating from the University of Wyoming School of Pharmacy in 2000.  He has been a member of WPhA since 2006 and served as President of WPhA in 2009-2010.

Under the direction of the board, Dr. Frederick will be focusing on these priorities:

1)   Exploring ways to bring our message to the membership and  implement strategies to improve the sharing and exchanging of information with the members.

2)   Utilize technology to better address the educational needs of the membership.

3)   Implement a legislative committee and actively pursue or promote legislative issues and changes.

4)   Strengthen the Association's relationship with the UW School of Pharmacy, especially in promoting and supporting student activities and educational opportunities. 

Feel free to contact Craig by email, or by phone 307-331-0371.



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